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Post your desktops here

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Joined: 01/08/2009

mean tree wrote:
twilight51492 wrote:
I must say I'm a bit envious. My computer probably the worst one on here. It's slower than a dead turtle, and my Sims games keep crashing. lol I'm not sure if I posted my desktop on here yet, but here it is, in all its extremly crappy glory. lol

The 4th yellow-looking icon on the first column is part of the reason.

A.K.A. Norton. Get rid of that junk asap lol (if it's your personal computer) If it's your parents, they might get pissed ("Damn that neomallers asshole for telling people, etc etc")

and omg, I love the Irish desktop oh

Thanks. Will do. happy I was getting fed up with the wretched thing, anyways. It was telling me the the portal was a "downloader" and wouldn't let me install it. Grrr. lol
And yeah, it is my computer. My mom can't even use the mouse. lol

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Joined: 20/06/2009

Lots of junk on my desktop... too lazy to clean it all up...

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Joined: 19/04/2009

Hehe, this is fun!

Nice to see what you are all staring at.

Here's mine

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this used to be fun

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