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Graphics Requests (Please READ)

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Graphics requests must meet the following conditions: 1. They cannot be personal. For example, they cannot contain your username. 2. They must be generic (i.e. faerie layout, darigan shop layout, etc) 3. They should be neopet related. Exceptions will be made if it's a popular request. 4. NeoMallers will not customize any existing graphics for you. For example, if your mall banner is 625 pixels wide, we won't create a 625 pixels wide version for you. Why? Because the next mall will ask for a 650 pixel version... and the one after that will ask for a 652 pixels, etc etc. 5. NeoMallers.com reserves the right to deny requests - after all, it's a free service and we're not really obligated :P Please create a new thread under this forum

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