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What bugs ya about neopets ?

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Joined: 13/05/2009

Hmmmm, what annoys me.

1) Noobs and Trolls, the boards are getting more annoying by the day.

2) Beggers

3) Asking for your lowest and then offering 2/3rds of your lowest, er, concept of lowest people?

4) People on charter who want to buy your ETS at a half price discount, I adore my charter peeps, I really do and I discount generously for them, but I am not selling anyone my paint brushes at a 20% discount.

5) constantly junked shops, that is my top peev at the moment, stop releasing more junk TNT, retire half the junk in the shops, and stop turning so many items into junk by mass releasing them in events.

Man, I needed that rant happy

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Moderator/Tech Admin
Joined: 26/03/2010

What annoys me:
I can't play Hannah and the Pirate Caves on any of my machines.... Which means I can't go for the avatar sad

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Joined: 22/02/2011

the fact that i just cant win at anything............in the years iv played iv never won the loto, won on keno, won any rare item, iv never owned a morphing potion of any kind, paint brushes are rare for me. its 2 things , im ether very very very very very unlucky OR neopets is so unfair.......no matter how much i try i can get anything..... even my stocks are down 44% ......

seeing people will 10 thousand dubloon coins or 10 items worth over 10mill neopoints just makes me angry.........and that test your strength game is a load of ****

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Moderator/Tech Admin
Joined: 26/03/2010



I hate Edna.
I've done somewhere between 3 and 4 HUNDRED quests for her...
And still no avie.
It's got to be getting close to the most expensive avatar hunt for me yet.... it's likely getting close to Buzzin' (which I count at 1.4M, since I bought a Darigan PB when I got my FFQ so I could get the Avie instead of using the Fountain for my Ixi...)
Stupid Edna.
I hate you. Sophie is SO much cooler, you're just jealous winking

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