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Source Code, Future Development, etc?

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Moderator/Tech Admin
Joined: 26/03/2010

Sadly, that shows what happened to Neo in general sad
And people don't believe the data...
I bet Nickelodeon does though.
As much as I'd like to work for TNT, I like my job security much better.

What time zone are the graphs in?

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Joined: 10/06/2007

I think it's getting a bit worse still. Our traffic here is increasing (new users) but overall traffic is still going down (from the counter service)

Timezone is eastern I believe

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Moderator/Tech Admin
Joined: 26/03/2010

Funny how good a measure of traffic on Neopets the traffic from the counters here is.
It's like you've embedded a little spy bug in the site and can collect all sorts of data vampire

You should totally make some nice smooth average usage graphs of Time vs. Day, and then we know when to time our auctions and such too vampire Well, we probably already know that anyway, but useful data is useful happy

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