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Getting your Private Mall Forums (read 1st post please)

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Updates: This service will become automated by tonight/tomorrow (yay)
If everything go according to plan.

However, the initial setup is still manual, but once the forum is created, users and manage their own members

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If I believed in 'liking' tings, I'd like that winking

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Hi! This is rinabina_12, Neopets user name getthepointe101. I am currently the manager of the 'Pure Summer' mall, created the beginning of February, about a month and a half a go, we do have some members that have already joined Neomallers, would you like their username too?

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Sounds like a good idea. I'll ask our mall leader about it. Ideal for discussing all kinds of things, and potentially more action than on main forums, those seem kind of, well, dead.

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