The Affordable Bazaar still has many positions open!

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The Affordable Bazaar still has many positions open!

We still have many positions open:

Home & Garden
Maps & Luck
Air Faerie
Earth Faerie
Fire Faerie
Light Faerie
Dark Faerie
Water Faerie

If you would like to be anyone of these please fill out & send the following to hkcharmer:

Shop size:_________________
Willing to upgrade:________
Applying for:______________

*Reminder*= If accepted, please put an item up for 1250NP so I can buy it so you'll have money to buy supplies!

Thank you,
The Affordable Bazaar President

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Which ones of these positions have been filled so fat? Could you share some updates? If you still have open positions you could try putting an advertisement through free classified ads, this should help.

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Is there food still available?