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How does really large shop price their items?

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Main market malling traditionally did not work so well with wiz pricing. Stuff would move far too quick and maintaining that stock would take ages if not the whole day. Hence why people priced a couple k above the wiz price.
Wiz pricing worked well with the other marketplaces though

But since main market is similar to the old haunted/island sales, thats where wiz pricing comes in since there's not a lot of folks roaming the main marketplace. The catch is, there's a lot more involved than simply pricing something 20-300 np above the wiz.

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If I wanted to simply price a few NPs above wiz, I wouldn't bother with malling at all.

I grant that my sales are lower, but I'm still making a lot pf NPs, and I'm happy with the balance between effort (in recording, replacing, and pricing) and the reward (profits). I still want time to play and do other things.

Even with the slow market place business, I'm still months behind in replacing sold out items.

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restocking is the main focus of my neo time, but it is how I choose to play. I like high hits and am happy with a little profit, eventually it adds up. since this conversation started I have earned enough to upgrade my shop to 916. So it is working for me.

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Yeah reading what you others have put has been interesting, and it mostly reaffirms what I said, you need to find your personal balance of time and how you price; the more time you have to restock, the quicker you sent your items to sell. Good luck finding what works for you!

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First, I find out an average "buying point" that I can enter into my Neomallers program. After I have a good price for that, I typically mark up 1.2 (or 20%) on the majority of my items, then I lower 2 NP for price point reasons and for higher position in the shop wizard. (i.e. 1,198 NP instead of 1,200 NP). However, I have exceptions to this rule. On very high demand items, for example, codestones, I simply keep updated on the ever-changing SW price for my group and price so I'm the lowest or almost lowest in my group. These cheaply priced codestones draw people into my store, and then while they're there they'll pick up a marked up item too! Also it gets me and my mall as a whole plenty of hits that way.

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