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Hm, im new here. o.o

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Joined: 27/11/2012

Hello, my name is Manic Ado, im a gamer pretty much, every game im on, name it im there, and ready to be good at it.

xbox gaming mostly and i love Dynasty warriors.

I have a range of hobbys in my free time, reading books, Learning about history, Gaming and most of all Learning!

Learning is great, i love it loads. XD

Erm other than that i only play Neopets because my GF asked or whatnot. Im 20 so a grown man basically err yeah, but nice to meet you all.

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Joined: 13/05/2009

Welcome aboard! I'm Teddy, nice to meet you.

And nothing wrong with being a grown man, I'm 32 and have been addicted to Neo for 4 years now! It kept me (relatively) sane during college.

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Moderator/Tech Admin
Joined: 26/03/2010

You're going to Mall because of your GF?!
That's so cute *squee*

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NeoMallers Elite
Joined: 20/06/2008

My BF would never do that. He's a keeper, Miss manicado.

Welcome Grin

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Joined: 30/03/2009

Welcome! You would be surprised how many of us are adults and have stuck around since back when neopets became popular. My account is about 9 years old. Send me a message in the game if you want me to send you some gifts to help you get started.

Be sure and check out the Freebies/Daily Clicks under the Tools section on this site. That is a good way to get your account going too.

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Joined: 27/11/2012

Grin Thank you all for the warm welcome~

If you want to add me on Neopets heres the link:


8 years ago, i always used to use the name Darkestado so... xD

Thank you all very much :]

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Site Admin
Joined: 10/06/2007

haha nothing's worse than creating a neo-related site angel

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Joined: 05/12/2012

Hey! Im new here too!!! this made me laugh cause had my 23 yr old bf get on neopets too

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Joined: 30/11/2012

I am new as well, and there's nothing wrong with being an adult on neopets. My parents play (even though it's for my sake).

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Joined: 11/01/2011

Hey, I'm 41, and I'm here! 'Course, I'm a lady, but that's besides the point. I've been on neopets for 6 years. I'm actually grass_tiger on neopets. Welcome! I think most mallers are adults--or am I wrong guys? And I know many adult men who mall and even manage malls. It's a great place. Do you role play too? I thought I'd try Pathfinder. I love learning too. I'd still be in college if it were free. lol Enjoy Neopets, it's rather addictive.

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