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Custom Mall Banner Request

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Can anyone make a customised mall banner for me? oh
The mall banner requirements is displayed here :

Mall Banner Title/Name : Kacheeks Paradise
-The mall banner's colours needs to be in Light Blue, Light Pink, Light Purple, White or other 'light'/'soft' colours. Red, Green, Yellow, Black is not really needed unless texts- heart

- For the mall banner's pictures/backgrounds, : Painted Kacheeks, With a Clouds background

Categories needed :

~ Bakery & Sweets
~ Toys & Plushies
~ Pharmacy
~ Battle & Magic
~ Neohome & Garden
~ Collectables
~ School & Books
~ Wearables & Grooming
~ Training & Luck
~ General Store
~ Petpet & Supplies
~ Paints, Morphing & Luck
~ Faeries & Neggs
+ Shop Of The Month
+ Join Us Now!
Faerie Quests :

- Earth
- Dark
- Water
- Fire
- Light
( Faerie icons to be in doll faeries )

Hope you could do it for me ><
I need this banner as soon as possible sad
I think it is quite urgent for me...

If you could do it for free for me, please Neomail/Email me at : missviper/dolphin_xiaoqi@hotmail.com

( If you could be my long-term banner maker, tell me in my Neomail Grin )

maykbc (not verified)
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Someone has made one for me, ty Grin

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