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Do Hut Positions Even matter?

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superduper's picture
Joined: 08/04/2013

Looking at the stats from the counters, it's an average of only one. Is there any point to upgrading for these hut positions?

Also, is the main that much better than spooky?

harryhermione14's picture
Joined: 15/06/2011

Some malls would like it if you try to keep at the top of the hut position. Of course, this may not matter depending on your username if your hut in the same sector as you has the same size also.

I believe main does give you a bit more hits. I know that when I first started playing Neopets, I would go to the Main Marketplace to fulfill my FQs. I didn't even know about the Spooky and Island Marketplace until about a year ago.

booboodigger's picture
Joined: 24/12/2011

The hut averages on the Top Shops pages may be a bit deceiving. Not every shop is set up to register hut hits.

saudor's picture
Site Admin
Joined: 10/06/2007

if you're not already there, it's not worth it.. But it does bring in some hits if you're there or close to it, depending on the huts. Just my .02

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