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Question about how to remove mall you are no longer in

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Joined: 27/07/2011

If you have left a mall and would like to change what is listed to the new mall you are going to, how do you do it?

hak's picture
Joined: 22/05/2009

Step 1
Click the Specify Mall button you see when you're in Top Shops.
Select the Leave button you see when you're there.

Step 2
Click the Specify Mall button you see when you're in Top Shops.
Select the Mall you want to join.

That's about it.

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Joined: 27/07/2011

Thank you so much for the help.

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Site Admin
Joined: 10/06/2007

i really need to bring back a "Like" button back into the forums... tongue

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Joined: 10/12/2009

Agreed! I bet it would be too hard for us oldies to have the likes back that we had already accumulated?

Anyway, I want to say a whole lot & my browser closed in the very end of the post. So there must have been something in there I should not have posted.
*_* Taking it as a Sign *_*
BTW, Neopets had @ the time (unknown as I never signed off on the change to a rule in the TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS) that you could not say ANYTHING ANYWHERE to/that reflects TNT poorly in ANY WAY! (Period)
I am not sure if it still a law/TOS (or one of those assumed rules I've been reading in the editorials).
*v* Showing my age here!!! *v*

"JUST SAY NO!" I highly recommend that do not associate TNT posting, Nm's or other sites even w/your Neo Id in a poor way (an implication) even.

Hugs to all! Suz
Saudor this is to You... I'll never forget the Quest Jam you got me out of when I could not talk on Neopets,
**which finally has been lifted "YEA!"**
& it took forever & tons of work. You are one of the most honest Grin people I have ever met with a great integrity. Something I always suspected but you proved yourself to me that day. Thank You So much for the help with the quest, & if you ever need help do not forget that I'm around. Grin

((((SUPER Gentle HUGS!!!))))
SuzieRainbow aka Suz

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