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Shop size 439 (upgrading weekly) Looking to join a mall as a luck shop!

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sophieauditore's picture
Joined: 13/12/2013

My name is Sophie and I am a daily player. I am looking to join a mall as a luck shop, not really any other position. It is a very uncommon category as normally it's with Maps or Morphing Potions. I sell Nerkmids, Scratch Cards, Neocola Tokens, Pinatas, Crackers, Trick-or-Treat bags, Boosters Packs and Stockings. My average shop views is 58 meaning I can bring a lot of traffic to your mall. I actively advertise on the Shop Ads Board. I aim to be in the main market one day, I am slowly upgrading weekly sometimes daily depending on sales. Any question or want to generally discuss this then please neomail me @sophieauditore ON Neopets as I am not always on Neomallers. I am interested in malls that have shop sizes generally around my size although feel free to contact me in any case.

Rainbows_in_Neopia's picture
Joined: 15/12/2009

I sent you a NM this morning, off to work I gooooo!

High Hooooo High Hoooooo! LOL!!

~Rain Grin winking Grin

The Best Priced Main Market Mall Group - Rain's Rations - Neggery, Eggery & Scratchcards!!

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