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Neomallers is not an approved fan site?

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sophieauditore's picture
Joined: 13/12/2013

Hey, I was wondering why neomallers is not an approved fansite?
I was going to discuss it on the neoboards but I don't think that's allowed? unsure

aneises_2's picture
Joined: 27/03/2014

The most common reason sites are not given the approved/recommended fansite classification is that they do not adhere to COPPA regulations. It's US law about protections in place for children.

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Site Admin
Joined: 10/06/2007

I have sent them the application but they haven't gotten back to me since that one time about copyrighted content (which has been fixed with the "used with permission copyright neopets etc" on the bottom of every page, including forums) as opposed to just the core pages of this site)

That was also about the time the new BD was launched so i doubt they're even going through the apps.
That being said, i've never had any issues in neomails though

As for COPPA, there are some measures in place and I have actually deleted a few accounts that were found to be lying.

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