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To VOM's Group & The Golden Group

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Joined: 10/12/2009

I already wrote this once but my browser crashed & it was lost. It was good that it waited tho as I received confirmation from Rain just a few moments ago in a Msg. Now though it is not written as well & I am sorry for that too!

We both saw this Shop but the Banner was really thin & there was no shiny border like the Golden Group has. Neither of us can find it now. I Bookmark all my Malls for multiple reasons but the main one is if the price is right I like to keep the money flowing w/us. Anyway we both found the same thing which was a two frozen accounts around that date. I had it saved but when all the accounts became unavailable I lost it. I think it was someone that was trying to be a poser or cause trouble. I believe the only way to make this right is to say publicly,
I am sorry & deeply apologize for all the confusion this has caused on both mine & Rain's behalf.

This was not Rain's fault, I instigated it as I knew that Rain & Richard have chatted on the boards & were creating a friendly relationship. It was the beginning of what we thought was real, & we were going to tease a bit. That was my idea totally, I feel terrible that this has alerted/offended/upset someone. We were both contacted by different mall individuals. Rain feels terrible Richard, I asked him to wait PM'ing you, So that I could do this first!

As a group we were just trying to find something new to chat about which we thought was the truth we should have just went right to Rich's shop for verification as in my gut something seemed wrong.

I also should have Msg'd Richard that day with the account. We did not know!!! I will continue to research it but if the shop is Frozen that would explain a lot! I just want to say again it was just innocent fun teasing that we were going to do if this was real, but friendly not nastily & THAT was just my idea...

I am publicly apologizing as I know that it's the right thing to do. To both Mall groups Villians & Golden I am truly sorry! Plz, know Rain was an innocent that just said "Yea I saw a shop like that too!"

Sincerely, SuzieRainbow happy

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Joined: 09/01/2013

No hard feelings and no need to apologize happy

You guys are both caring people and I appreciate your concern!

May I ask, was the banner our NB ad?
It is thinner, which is why I ask.

I have not really updated the news as I just neomail all members to update the banner lol.

And the last couple weeks I have been M.I.A so you wouldn't have been able to reach me.

Anyways can't stress it enough no hard feelings on my part lol!

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Joined: 15/12/2009

I remember now, it was the smaller banner then the "Sister Mall" Comment.. I believe that is where I went VOM but that's actually the "Jewel Mall group" & I got them confused. Suzie would have gotten this 1 RIGHT w/ that as this person (Great Shopkeeper that "Used to be in our Mall Groups") is a member.

Maybe Majestic is for another "NEW Grouping" but this is the 1 Suzie & I woulda thunk of right away.. This part is my fault as I got the 2 groups confused: This is just so you can see the banner I got messed up with. The total opposite of VOM LOL! tongue


I want to personally say my sorry's, To VOM. Especially top my friend Richard, Thanks for being so "Cool, & Calm!" about this!


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SuzieRainbow's picture
Joined: 10/12/2009

@ Rain & etc...

How did we get VOM mixed up w/ Gem's Majestic, Rain? Now I wish I would of checked before going w/ Idle phone gossip w/ Rain. I am so sorry for all of this. I will be much more careful next time.

@ VOM & Majestic = I hope VOM & Majestic, Can forgive us!?!?

@ Richard

((((Hugs Richard Thanks for Understanding!!!))))

Is it the Sister Group the Gem group or are you with someone with a SIMILAR name sake affiliation?


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Joined: 24/12/2011

Grin I think I'm starting to understand this now....maybe.

No need to apologize to VONM either. No harm done by your previous post.

As I said to Rain in a neomail, I was just curious about (not upset by) what gave him the impression that Golden Group and VONM were linked.

"I remember now, it was the smaller banner then the "Sister Mall" Comment.. I believe that is where I went VOM..."

VONM as the Sister Mall...nope...but maybe as the Mother Mall. Grin I'll always think of Richard (and Anna) as my mall kids who grew up, left the nest and went off on their own.

HUGS to all.

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