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Shop category advice?

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Joined: 20/05/2014

About a year ago, when I got back into Neopets after being inactive for a long time, I wanted to have a specific category for my shop, and after a while of brainstorming ideas, I came up with spicy food. So I now have a size 45 shop called the Carnapepper where I sell... spicy food.
The problem is, food items don't sell very well, unless it's cheap food so I've been thinking of changing to a different theme (space maybe?).
But on the other hand, I've grown to like my current category and I've spent lots of time looking for items to stock. I'd also need to somehow get rid of my current stock.
Soo I don't really know what I should do at the moment. I'd love to hear any advice you might have ^^

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Joined: 10/06/2007

Well there isn't a lot of players left so that would explain the low sales.. As for items.. why not try something like baked goods? Those things look so tasty and awesome. If it doesnt sell, then you have one heck of an awesome shop/gallery tongue

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Joined: 24/04/2009

Cool category. Bought some stuff.

Advertise on the shop boards. Be friendly with customers.

The more delicious looking items tend to sell better than say... Basil Lentil Alfalfa Smoothie or... Honey and Mustard Jelly Beans.

Have fun with your shop! I like the gallery option too. Keep your beauties on display.

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Joined: 15/12/2009

In addition to the above advice which is very good!

Hook up with a mall that maybe can = your chosen category. Food is tough usually to keep in stock so I'd suggest adding drinks too they used to be my biggest seller. Also besides the baked etc... Snow stuff like the lolly's & Popsicle's..


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Joined: 10/12/2009

Always start off with cheaper items & then use profits to Build & or Stock. I agree w/ Rain mall's do help, if your not in one. Especially if they have openings & connect the holes like we do. Being in Finland is gonna be rough on your pricing to the US Markets I tell anyone out of the country to use the Jelly Neo Item Database to see if your pricing is even close. Rain & I both are finding more & more of our items priced almost to date. I found ending my prices in a 9 helps (It's got to be a psychological thing). I have tested this through many times & many years. (Avoid 0 like the plague) JMHO! I'd check your shop but I am still not on Neo yet, I will pop in though & add anything not here if I think of it.

If you know what's = Gourmet you should end them in another number but list it in your shop (I found in that situation that 1 usually works best).

*HELP for us BOTH!*
You may also want to in time find out about this as I am not sure... Since the Faerie Festival is the Grey Faerie still looking for smoothies for soup??? (Actually I need to find this out for a maller in training) So is she???

If so I would find their Rarity Range again if you do not know (I forgot) & be sure to carry those smoothies. End them with a 2. I have to do similar in my shop & have done most categories at one time or another but my Faerie has been w/ me almost since I started playing, I was malling.

(((Hugs & Luck to you))) Suzie Grin

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Joined: 05/03/2013

if you're planning for a mall try ours we could always open a new category for small shops trying to venture in restocking


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