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Noob Mails

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[neorichneohelp] Myself
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Sent: 6/4/2010 06:53pm
Folder: Inbox
Subject: your shop

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Hello. My name is Mel.

I buy from your shop often and notice it is always very well-stocked.

Can I ask you a question?

How do you do so well with your shop if the prices are at the shop wizard price? Don't you have to shop all day to keep it stocked? (I saw your counter, holy moley!)

If you don't mind my question, I appreciate you taking the time to answer

Have a nice day!

Me: Yeah right, like I'm gonna give out my strategy to someone I don't know to put myself at a disadvantage. lol

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whoa, you guys get alot of n00b mail, fan mail and some really strange mail! The weirdest mail I ever got was, I was on the newbie boards when my now main when it was a side had just been created, and I was helping some newbies. Then out of nowhere this kid who had a 3 day old account mailed me with "youu n00bbb!" Then I mailed back, you need to get spelling lessons my friend. Then he blocked, hey, it stopped me from doing it!happy

Another one was, me and my friend were advertising our mall on the shop ads board, then this brazilian boy came out and started advertising of neopets sites, in portuguese!oh, so I mailed him, saying that it was against the rules etcetc, then he kept mailing me for hours the same message, I put it in a online translator and was advertising a rival website for google. But that is about it for now, when I get a bigger shop etc I will probably get more!happy
I might ask neopets to make a quick link for blocking! hehe:P

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Sent: 1/5/2010 09:52am
Folder: Inbox
Subject: i-RICH-eyez

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I replied back g-u-l-l-i-b-l-e

lol I can't believe I am still getting these, damn you mean tree tongue

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Folder: Inbox
Subject: Board

Hey, I am the person from the board earlier and I checked out your store and I just wanted to let you know that you should really go to shop wizard and match your prices to theirs and change them because I compared your prices to what they are really worth and you put the prices way to high! Sorry if that sounded mean because I didn't mean for it to but I just thought that you could use some advice! And please feel free to neomail me back whenever!



I need to stop playing neopets.
I'll never have a social life ><

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