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Issue: 532 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-09-14 18:07:49 | View Question |
Hey TNT, you'll be getting asked this a million times this week, but I would be honored if you selected my question. Seriously. Anyway, are we allowed to do these faerie quests on our side accounts? I'm really hoping for a Fountain Faerie Quest to get a coconut JubJub, but I don't yet have the Buzzin' avatar on my main. Please remove my username. :) ~username removed
You're welcome to do Random Event faerie quests on your side accounts as long as they're funded by your main. However, the daily faerie quests like the ones from the event right now should only be done on your main account, as they are a daily / event from which you earn items, not Random Events.

Issue: 532 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-09-14 18:07:49 | View Question |
Hi, TNT. *throw British accent* So, I accidentally cancelled a faerie quest today. D: Does that mean I won't get the super-mega-I-don't-know-what spiffy prize at the end? If it's an avatar or something along those lines I could never forgive myself. D:
Yours truly,
Jocas ~ze_jocas

We know everyone doesn't have the funds to complete faerie quests, so all you need to do is collect the free daily items to qualify.

Issue: 509 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2014-04-18 19:48:45 | View Question |
Hey, TNT! You're most likely aware of this because it was probably done intentionally, but being on a Crafting Faerie quest doesn't interfere with your ability to use the Shop Wizard. Could you please change that? Half the time I don't know that I'm on a quest unless the Shop Wizard tells me I can't use it, and then I go a month without getting a quest and can't figure out why until I remember about the Crafting Faerie ones. Thanks! Oh, and please remove my username. ~username removed
Since the Crafting Faerie doesn't request Neopoint items, we didn't want to irk people by having her interfere with Shop Wizard access. (We do understand where you're coming from, though. Dragona had the same issue this week.) We figure a good suggestion is to add the Faerie Quest page to your bookmarks, that way you can be reminded to check every so often and make sure you haven't missed a quest.

Wire you still here? Go bookmark that page now!

Issue: 509 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2014-04-18 19:48:45 | View Question |
What happens if you can't complete a quest from the Faerie Queen because it has to do with buying something that costs 150,000 Neopoints? ~oneil76
If you can't (or are unwilling to) purchase the requested item, you can decline the quest. This will restore your access to the Shop Wizard and make you available for a different Faerie Quest if one happens your way.

Issue: 497 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2013-01-13 07:08:08 | View Question |
Hello, TNT. I am writing in because I have a serious concern about items not being available in Neopia. It seems every other quest that I attempt to complete for Illusen's Glade or Jhudora's Cloud results in failure. They keep asking me for items like Tyrannia wall paint and basic floor tiles. Obviously there is no way to acquire these items, as they are Rarity 10 a.k.a. No Trade. Could you please fix this so that I do not fail their quests on Quest 1? This is a very common occurrence and is very frustrating. Thank you. Please leave my username out of this. ~username removed
These items can be purchased directly from the Neohomes NP Superstore, in the Neopian Bazaar, and are constantly in stock.

Issue: 483 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2012-08-23 16:49:11 | View Question |
Hi, TNT! Hypothetical situation here involving two good imaginary friends of mine, Sally and Bob. Sally gets a Fountain Faerie Quest. She already has all of her dream Neopets, however, so she has no need for it. Bob has never received a FFQ before and Sally wants to donate her FFQ to Bob as a gift. Would it be allowed for Bob to send his Neopet to Sally's account, where Sally would use her FFQ on Bob's Neopet and then transfer it back to Bob? I'm getting confused about this because it isn't allowed with the Lab Ray, so I can't work out if it would be allowed with a FFQ. Please let me know! ~zemzii
While giving away your hard-earned lab zap or FFQ pass is a nice gesture, we don't allow this because Bob should be earning his own Lab Map. Bob should complete his own FFQ (if he were lucky enough to receive one) in order to get a pass to the fountain. First and foremost, Neopets is a game. Bob should be using his own progress in the game to achieve goals and reap the benefits, not someone else's.

Issue: 483 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2012-08-23 16:49:11 | View Question |
Aloha, TNT! *throws island Koi plushie at TNT* I have a question about the Faerie Quest event that's currently going on. Toward the beginning of the event, I got and completed my very first Fountain Faerie Quest and painted my Koi island (hence the plushie I threw at you). My question is this: are all the users who participate in the quest event destined to get one of Naia's quests, or did I suddenly have an extremely rare burst of miraculously good luck? ~sqwertybug93
The same method of determining the quest that you get when you receive a Faerie Quest Random Event was used during the event. In other words, it was completely random. So, yeah, you had a stroke of good luck. :) Congrats!

Heeeey! This is just a Yellow Koi Plushie! Apparently we need to schedule an Island Koi Plushie so that it exists for Neopians to throw at us, then go back in time so we can be hit in the face with it.

Issue: 483 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2012-08-23 16:49:11 | View Question |
Hi, TNT. :) My question is about the Faerie Quest event. Now that the event is over and we will return to regular Faerie Quests, this means the reward for completing a quest will not be applied to our active Neopet and we cannot choose which Neopet receives the reward from the Faerie Quest, right? Could you please think about that? It's so hard and expensive to train a Neopet; it would be an enormous help to all who are training only one Neopet, yet have more than one. Thank you, and please remove my username! :) ~username removed
All Faerie Quest stat rewards are applied to the active Neopet. That's a permanent change. It won't go back to the old way once the event ends.

Issue: 483 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2012-08-23 16:49:11 | View Question |
*places plate of Asparagus Flavored Cookies on table* So... is the Crafting Faerie going to be just like any other faerie after the event is over? Will she just randomly appear and give us a quest, or is she going to be like the Snow Faerie? (Leave my name out!) ~username removed
Yes, she'll be like the other Random Event faeries, so you'll never be sure when or where she'll pop up and ask for your assistance.

Issue: 482 | Filed under: Quests | Uploaded by: saudor | 2012-08-23 16:43:52 | View Question |
Hi, TNT. :) I was lucky enough to get a Fountain Faerie Quest now that the faeries are back, but I've noticed that the color transparent doesn't seem to be an option at the Rainbow Fountain as yet. Any chance it'll be included there soon? ~mortimae
Yes, we'll be adding that colour to the Rainbow Fountain soon. Hooray!

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