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Plots/Site Events

Issue: 532 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-09-14 18:07:49 | View Question |
I was wondering if you could tell us whether Wraith Day is going to be annual celebration or if it was just a one-off? Thanks. ~weaponstar
It was just a one time event theme day. :)

Issue: 530 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-09-14 18:01:46 | View Question |
Hello, TNT. I first want to say that I always enjoy when the Neopies come around. It's so much fun to vote on my favorite stuff of the year, in addition to seeing what the majority of Neopians like and dislike. I was wondering something, however. Each category has four options, yet there are some categories (such as the Best Neopoint Item category) that could have like a bajillion different options. You only put four of the new Neopoint items from this year, but I know there were many, many more new items. What I was wondering was: how do you pick four options out of the many other possibilities for each category? Why did you choose, let's say, the Cannibalistic Pumpkin, and not a different item? ~tenshi_73
Okay, we're back from our evacuation. Please don't do that again. Ahem, as to this question: our content team tends to have a very odd sense of humour, for one. It's very hard to narrow down the items, but they do so by going through all of the past year's news and picking out their favourite things (which also don't fall into another category), and then slowly narrowing it down until there's only four left. They also try to avoid duplicating types of items, so that there's not three books and a plushie to choose from, for example.

Issue: 527 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-09-14 17:52:49 | View Question |
Where could I find the Faeries' Ruin plot? I'd like to re-read it because it's so SKY-FALLING EPIC! ~manny_beats
Unless Hanso somehow ran off with it, you should be able to find it right here.

Issue: 525 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-04-07 12:00:51 | View Question |
Hi TNT, I was just wondering if we are allowed to enter the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway on side accounts. Thanks. ^^ ~canadagirl1996
Please be sure to read the very important rules on the giveaway page. It has all the info you need right there. To reiterate, you CAN enter on your side account, but you may only enter with ONE of your accounts. Therefore, if you make your wish on your side, do not make another with your main.

Issue: 525 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-04-07 12:00:51 | View Question |
First off, TNT, I would like to say thank you for making my first year on Neopets so amazing ^.^ I have made it through a stressful year of studying mostly sane, thanks to you and this site! *HUGS* But now, on to my question: does it matter if the Neopet I enter into the dreamie giveaway is a lab pet? Does this Neopet have to look (species, colour, and gender) the same as it did at the time it was entered when you possibly go to transform it? ^u^ Thanks, TNT. ~bazz_desert1993
Nope! Zap away. If your Neopet suddenly gets zapped into an 8-Bit Grundo or something the day beforehand and you suddenly don't want us to change it if you win, then please put a large notice on your User Lookup or something so that we'll know to randomly select another winner. :)

Issue: 525 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-04-07 12:00:51 | View Question |
Hey TNT, I was wondering: with the oh-so-loved Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway around the corner, I can't help but wonder. If someone has, say, a yellow Kacheek, and they wish for them to be, say, a Halloween Krawk, and then they put the Kacheek in the Pound (So disgraceful! Humph.) and someone adopts the Kacheek -- unaware that they had been entered in the giveaway -- on December 25th, would the Kacheek become a Halloween Krawk with their new owner? Also, would the old owner be able to enter a new Neopet? Thanks. C: ~neohappy123
In a case such as this, we would consider that Neopet "disqualified" and randomly select a different winner. The player that already consumed their wish would not be able to enter again. So, if you've made your wish, be sure to hold onto your Neopet until the winners are announced. :)

Issue: 525 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-04-07 12:00:51 | View Question |
Hiya, TNT! I have a question about the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway. Is every single type of Neopet-color combination available to those who win? I looked at the list of Neopets and colors and saw that, apparently, you could select an ice Bori. Should a person choose that combination and be selected as one of the winners, would you still honor their request? The ice Bori, as you know, can't normally be obtained, as it was an offer for a special toolbar way back in the day. Thanks! ~gordy_777
That's why it's the Dream Neopet Giveaway! :) So yes, if the winner desires an ice Bori, then that's what they'll get. The only thing we can't do is non-existent colours (obviously) or unconverted Neopets.

Issue: 519 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2014-05-18 19:12:05 | View Question |
I have just a quick question for the great TNT! *bows at feet and presents gold coins* I always get so confused about the dates on the news page... X_x I read in the November 1st post that it would be the last day to participate in the Masks of Dread activity. However, when I went back later that day to make sure I had finished it, the activity was already over. :( How come that happened?!? Is there a specific time when things will end after that's posted? Also, for example, when a post dated October 15th says that there will be maintenance that day, but the post appears in the news feed on October 14th, on which day does it happen? Be sure to buy yourselves something nice with those gold coins!!! :) ~pretty_lil_snowflake
D: We understand that it can be confusing. Basically, to get news out all around the world, we do it a day early. That's why if, say, Korbat Day falls on the 26th, we actually put it up on the 25th, marked as the 26th's news. Sometimes we need to inform Neopia about things, though, so we put information in the news that relates to that day. In that case, it's related to that day, not the date shown at the top of the news. We can understand how this is confusing if you don't check the New Features page daily. :(

Issue: 519 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2014-05-18 19:12:05 | View Question |
Hi, TNT! I loved the Mask of Dread quest; it was really fun! Now, on to my question: a friend of mine told me that there are backgrounds you can get from the gift bags that were given out to those who did Saskia's last quest. I can report, however, that despite having already finished the last quest and opened up my goodie bags, I did not get a background. Instead, all I received were Spooky Foods and weapons. Do the goodie bags really give out backgrounds, then? Thanks! ~cliffjack
The goodie bags can contain some cool new backgrounds, but that's only a chance, not a guarantee. If you're interested, you can either pick up the backgrounds from a lucky player or purchase the bags themselves and try your own luck. :)

Here are the lovely silhouette backgrounds you can get this year.

Issue: 519 | Filed under: Plots/Site Events | Uploaded by: saudor | 2014-05-18 19:12:05 | View Question |
I got the joke behind the Book of Awesome. Well played, Neostaff. ~kaljinyu

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