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532 | Filed under: Neopets/Pound | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-09-14 18:07:49 | View Question
Please remove my username. So, we can sell Petpets, right? What if we aged high-end Petpets and then sold them attached to a Neopet for more than the Petpet is worth? For example, instead of selling just a Slorg I would be selling an aged Slorg, and the Neopet it was attached to would just be a bonus and no profit would be made off the Neopet, just the Petpet and the aged status. Is this against the rules? ~username removed
Yes, this would be against the rules. You may not sell Neopets, and therefore you may not sell equipped Petpets. The concept is similar to the fact that you can't get away with selling stolen goods by claiming you were actually only selling the bag they were in.

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