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532 | Filed under: *Unfiled | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-09-14 18:07:49 | View Question
Hey, TNT. *throws buckets of love* In your last Editorial, you posted a picture of a Zafara holding a heart with the caption "seriously, I think there's something wrong with her" and I couldn't see what was wrong with the image (as you said you wouldn't ask Dragona for an image again), since it was exactly what I thought it should be! It then dawned on me -- it was meant to be a cuddly picture of a Zafara holding a Valentine's-style heart, wasn't it? Is there something wrong with me, too? =( ~rupert_bunyip
Okaaay, you're going over there with the other Dragona minions. * scootches you into the corner*

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