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532 | Filed under: Premium | Uploaded by: saudor | 2015-09-14 18:07:49 | View Question
Alright, TNT... I've been a minion to this website since 2001 (previous accounts). I've had Premium since its launch, and I'm really disappointed in the lack of updates for Premium users. The portal is boring and doesn't boast many interesting privileges. Don't mistake me -- I love the whole "no ads" thing and the scratchcards, but c'mon, can you give us a little more for our money?!? Thanks! (Oh, by the way, thanks for being so funny!) ~_chocolatefrosting_
We agree! (Hey, some of us are Premium members, too.) And... well, you may remember a batch of surveys we set up for Premium members a few months ago? All that feedback has been read and read some more, and we'll be taking over the service completely soon so we can offer you more of the things you want. (There will be some casualties as well, but DON'T PANIC!) We can't talk about anything in detail just yet, but we're very close to an official announcement. You and your fellow Premium members will be getting an email in the next week or so outlining the changes more specifically. We'll also update the FAQ as we go along. Please watch your Inbox and New Features for more information.

(Also, thanks for being such a loyal minion. Dr. Sloth Fyora will be pleased to hear it.)

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