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Testing stuff.. Maybe for a neomallers-based plot

[RAND] $ randomvalue = (rand()%100000); = time(); if ( >95000) { The Plot is now over! The Mean IrishEyez has now been placed safely back in her cage.
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From time to time, your fellow neomaller users' igloo will catch on fire as irisheyez goes around lighting them up. Your job is to respond to these as quickly as possible. You may choose to restore these igloos to their full icy glory or you can point and laugh. They will appear randomly on the top of left sidebar. At the end of the month, scores will be tallied and a trophy will be awarded to the top 3 (or maybe top 17, depending on results). This is the first beta of a possible neomallers site event. These trophies will eventually show up on your neomaller's profile. Note: You need to be logged in.

No Igloos are burning up :)

High Scores

Pos User Points Rank
1vw1282118Igloo Elite
2crusher105Igloo Elite
3emmasocute13079Igloo Elite
4beaner65774Igloo Elite
5Starr_252532Igloo Caretaker
6samsardam30Igloo Caretaker
7Soldier27Igloo Caretaker
8davymuncher24Igloo Caretaker
9carlatromp20Igloo Caretaker
10slaygal_of_sunnydale19Igloo Caretaker
11evilgoatmonster19Igloo Caretaker
12bikstar18Igloo Caretaker
13pandacat83818Igloo Caretaker
14irisheyez17Igloo Caretaker
15_jaspeh_17Igloo Caretaker
16saudor16Igloo Caretaker
17Nina13Igloo Ignorer
18neofreak1235679112Igloo Ignorer
19mizleah11Igloo Ignorer
20desperately_yours10Igloo Ignorer
21inara6010Igloo Ignorer
22zixianna10Igloo Ignorer
23Leelo51310Igloo Ignorer
24laila_26_49Igloo Ignorer
25cerberus_neo9Igloo Ignorer
26Pip8Igloo Ignorer
27return_of_weatherbee8Igloo Ignorer
28mayarend7Igloo Ignorer
29kirsty_to_stay7Igloo Ignorer
30quoidire6Igloo Ignorer
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