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Rank Username Today Yesterday Average Category
31koko_flanel3200 Everything you can think off
32crimsonwolf1987311937 Spooky, Junkfood, Wearables
33silviapera294943 General
35cheeky_jess274663 Nursery Malls PB/MP/Neggs size 550
36faerie_tara276094 A bit of everything.
37happy_training_shop276058 GROOVY GROUP NEOMAIL ME IF U WANT 2 JOIN
38_mariokart_265356 Codestones, Dubloons, Faeries, Scratchc
39enigma3264952 Food and Drinks
40mandyjs254342 Yard Sale
41billhenderson2242525 Dark Faerie Quest
43philosopher_stone24497 Morphing Potions
45hophopcool10233327 NM General
47gryffindors_witch87215049 Little Bit Of Everything
49daberg213239 Cosmetics
50jenlee86211434 General Store
53jeancgirl192222 Petpets
54ambersgallery195050 Wearables
56katala661181419 Grooming and Backgrounds
57twisted_fairy_girl184649 Junk Food and Juice Bar
58wizkidanisa1857 Golden Group Faerie Quest items General
59xxkatie_wxx173437 General Store
Allows you to specify your mall name. Show your mall members only.

Top Shops 4.2 (2011.06.23)

This page lists today's top-ranking shops, as reported by the NeoMallers counters service.
You are shown in red and your branch members are shown in green. while members from other branches are shown in blue
Cloaked mall members are printed in brackets.

Category Filter

Categories can now be auto filtered either from the search bar or by clicking a keyword from a person's category name.
For instance, clicking on PAINT will filter the topshops by that keyword.

Who's Shopping Stats - Help

The first number 58 depicts the number of users shopping in NeoMallers Shops. (-15) refers to the change of the current number of users shopping with respect to the amount at the start of the hour. The second number (72) is the highest #amount of users shopping at one time for the current hour. The 3rd number (73) is the highest amount of users shopping across the entire day.