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Game Guides

» Game Guides Index
Over 500 Game guides (now in several languages) as of March 2, 2008! All guides link to Neopet pages, most are pet pages written by players just like you ...
» Altador Plot Guide
In-Depth guide to complete the altador plot (awards a trophy + site theme!)
» Kadoatery Guide
Having troubles feeding in the kadoatery? Use this guide to help.
» Kadoatery Food List
Foods lists for those who prefer to inventory-feed.
» Lunar Temple Guide
The top portion of the guide is basically a walkthrough of what you see when going to the Temple.
» Neoquest II Guide
Chapter-by-Chapter Walkthroughs + Father's Sword Rumor
» Plushie Tycoon Guide
An in-depth Guide to starting Plushie Tycoon
» Plushie Tycoon Guide - Dummies' Guide
Like siginja's guide.. but with pictures.