Neopets Premade Graphics & Layouts

Welcome to the NeoMallers Graphics Database

Here, you will find FREE shop & mall graphics, user lookups & more! (or will soon!)
- All of this is currently under development - so keep checking back!

Want to see something here? If it's generic (i.e not custom) post on the graphics thread of this site.

Or neomail lizzie5722 on neopets for quality layouts and graphics

Note: please do not remove the credits or replace them with our own images. However, you may modify them as long as the main credits remain unaltered. (Such as code by NeoMallers, etc - thank you!)

What we have to offer

Features marked with an X are under development in order to support neopet's new filters.

Shop graphics Customize your shop without overloading it with a full-scale layout.
Mall Banners Starting your own mall but no graphics?
Noticeboard Ad Banners More coming soon. Classic nb ad styles + shop banners
Backgrounds For your lookup, shop, etc
Custom Shields replace your boring userlookup shields with new ones
Progress Meters Track shop size upgrades, savings & more