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2022 Jul 21 NEOPETS PASSWORDS: This is a reminder that you should be using UNIQUE passwords for all of your accounts (including NeoMallers) - especially the important ones. Many browsers have built-in password managers to help you generate complex passwords and keep track of these. For more information, please visit JellyNeo's post.

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Formerly, known as Saudor's Index of guides, this page indexes the basics as well as in-depth aspects of neopets which vary from NP making strategies, battledome & other game strategies. Basically, this is a collection of guides written by other users in a searchable environment. Looking for a certain topic? Select one below or use the search bar on the left navigation menu.

NOTE: If any of these are frozen, please let me know. Also, if you want to see a certain guide added, please create a new thread on the development forums. Thank you.


» Neopets Battledome Guides
In-Depth guide to the Neopets battledome - find good & cheap weapons, battling strategies & more! Now you can efficently beat that 5000 hp Punchbag Bob :P
» Neopets Premium
Your guide to the Neopets Premium Service
» Game Guides
In-Depth, step-by-step help for getting high scores in neopets games!
» Neoboards & Avatars
Unlock secret avatars for use on the neoboards & more