Specify Mall Membership

From this page, you can specify the mall that you are in. This will allow you to filter the topshops page to your mall members and conveniently see how your mall members are doing.

Mall Branches
can be created from the main account and authorized users can be added later. ** NEW ** Established malls can now create their own private forums! For more information, please visit here

If your mall is not listed here, simply click add/edit.
NOTE: Be sure to read through the list CAREFULLY before adding your mall. Chances are good that it already exists on the server. If you do not, the automated system may decide to eat you.

You are not a member of any mall.

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Next 50 Malls
Mall Name Mall Leader #Members Action
The Nursery Mall faith_starr 100 Select
The Variety Vendors MarioKart 4Select
ToolShed Inc toolshedinc 1 Select
Tranquil Waters Mall incountrygirl 1Select
Treasures Of Neopia Scoobyoobiedoos_4 2 Select
Unknown Utopia Malls Raine_Storme 4Select
Villains of Neopia Malls 2019 relaga 2 Select
VONM booboodigger 0Select
VONM Villains of Neopia Malls booboodigger 11 Select
Whimsical Mall missxblonde7x 9Select
WHPH Mall bubbletrouble1995 1 Select
Xmart Mall dmitri_stanislaus 55Select