Progress Meters for Neopet Goals

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Progress Meters for Neopets Goals

1. Copy and paste the code to your user lookup, shop, or petpage.

Important Notes

Don't forget to change the value to the percent NP that you saved up.

For example:

<center><img src="" border="0"></center>

This is the progress meter for the baby paint brush. If you have saved up 200,000 NP of the required 600,000 NP for this paint brush, then you would replace 100.jpg with 30.jpg so it becomes like this:

<center><img src="" border="0"></center>

This is because 200k/600k x 100% is roughly 33%.


The values are in increments of 10
For example (0.jpg, 10.jpg, 20.jpg, 30.jpg, 40.jpg ... 80.jpg, 90.jpg, 100.jpg)

Select A Category

Avatars & Avatar Items
Paint Brushes
Battledome Weapons

These can be placed in your user lookup, shop, or petpage.


- Avatar & Avatar Items -




Saving for: Faerie Queen Doll



- Paint Brushes -



Saving for: Baby Paint Brush



Saving for: Faerie Paint Brush



Saving for: Grey Paint Brush




- Battledome Weapons -



Saving for: Ghostkerbomb



Saving for: Ghostkershield




- Misc -



Saving for: 1,000,000 Neopoints