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Rank Username Today Yesterday Average Category
31loverzinjapan81728 Battledome and Magic
32born2_play84230 Variety Shoppe
37pnkslrg278282219 General Merchandise
38dhpoohbear84420 Pixiepoohs
39silviapera82837 General
40b1izzardrage81718 Magic
41paigeriffic_1184620 food, plushies, musical instruments
43buri_guri72727 Quests, Wearables, and Books
47soapfanatic23s76897 Neobubbles Misfits mall Sweets,drinks
48wzzy2274742 Toys, Plushies, Usukis, Gifts
49iittala572531 Battledome and Magic
51buy_swap_or_sell71916 50 Pages Stock 4 Sale including bargains
52syrinxe74431 VONM General
53minyoungwind611 Faerie Quests, Sweets
56_mariokart_64047 Codestones, Dubloons, Faeries, Scratchc
57varitie64033 Books
59enigma363240 Food and Drinks
60chombychomby261514 Training
Allows you to specify your mall name. Show your mall members only.

Top Shops 4.2 (2011.06.23)

This page lists today's top-ranking shops, as reported by the NeoMallers counters service.
You are shown in red and your branch members are shown in green. while members from other branches are shown in blue
Cloaked mall members are printed in brackets.

Category Filter

Categories can now be auto filtered either from the search bar or by clicking a keyword from a person's category name.
For instance, clicking on PAINT will filter the topshops by that keyword.

Who's Shopping Stats - Help

The first number 36 depicts the number of users shopping in NeoMallers Shops. (+ 2) refers to the change of the current number of users shopping with respect to the amount at the start of the hour. The second number (36) is the highest #amount of users shopping at one time for the current hour. The 3rd number (50) is the highest amount of users shopping across the entire day.