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Specify Mall Membership

From this page, you can specify the mall that you are in. This will allow you to filter the topshops page to your mall members and conveniently see how your mall members are doing.

Mall Branches
can be created from the main account and authorized users can be added later. ** NEW ** Established malls can now create their own private forums! For more information, please visit here

If your mall is not listed here, simply click add/edit.
NOTE: Be sure to read through the list CAREFULLY before adding your mall. Chances are good that it already exists on the server. If you do not, the automated system may decide to eat you.

You are not a member of any mall.

Search for malls:
Next 50 Malls
Mall Name Mall Leader #Members Action
Aisles Mall witchynurse 24 Select
Armada mahkino 5Select
Boochi Mall Kyeky 6 Select
Bruce Trading Company brucey_bruce_6 4Select
Central Neopia Bargott 0 Select
Community Mall Wintergal137 2Select
Conjure Mall illegalangelx 1 Select
Cosmic Mall treasureman10 3Select
Dubloon Coin Wholesaler dragonfly1993_930723 1 Select
Eden Emporium Supre_drake 0Select
Enchanted Malls beatle_stripe 2 Select
Faerie Mall thislittlecupcake 19Select
Golden Group happy_training_shop 0 Select
Heights of Shenkuu lari_boo 2Select
Les Boutiques Supre_Drake 2 Select
Majestic Malls mizzzvampire 15Select
Malevolent Marketplace twiztidkat_gallery 5 Select
Mall of Neopia return_of_weatherbee 10Select
Maraquan Malls pooglepoodle72 0 Select
Mellow Mall eatthecake 10Select
Misbehave Mall tigger_luvs_pooh 9 Select
MM Majestic Malls princessrawrmeow 43Select
Morphing Malls coolio329 2 Select
mystery island marketplace perfect_mall 3Select
Mystic Marketplace unclelim 6 Select
Nautical Emporium zakhayes1 6Select
NeoBoutique neogery 4 Select
NeoParadise Mini Mall midnight_hour 3Select
Neopian Malls _always_lonely_ 48 Select
NeoZone misteyangel012 6Select
New Moon Horizon Mall loujoelou7 2 Select
Pets Paradise buy_swap_or_sell 8Select
PLUNDER ajissad 6 Select
PRIMA Mall _jaspeh_ 27Select
Pure Summer getthepointe101 1 Select
Rainbow Emporium Malls twistedfairygirl 2Select
Realm of Darkness Guild Mall slinkyg6498 4 Select
Roo Island Malls franklinnc1980 11Select
Spirit Cat Family Mall furkitty 3 Select
Stop and Go Mall gryffindors_witch87 15 Select
The Best Priced Mall SuzieRainbow 1Select
The Best Priced Mall Groups SuzieRainbow 1 Select
The Golden Group happy_training_shop 8Select
The Lost Forest Mall griffin2202 0 Select
The Nursery Mall faith_starr 100Select
The Variety Vendors MarioKart 4 Select
ToolShed Inc toolshedinc 1Select
Tranquil Waters Mall incountrygirl 2 Select
Treasures Of Neopia Scoobyoobiedoos_4 2Select
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