Affiliate Instructions/Guidelines

2024-07-09 Site Updates

Most of the code has been updated in preparation for the server migration. If you notice oddities in the counter or sales history tracker, please neomail dmitri_stanislaus or post on our new subreddit.

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Affiliate Instructions/Guidelines
Affiliate applications are closed since all they do is slow down site load time (unless you have a serious and amazing web site with excellent visitor upkeep)

The affiliates program at this time is basically linking to each other's site by the means of buttons, text links, etc. When signing up, please include your site URL, a short description, and a small button.

Also, please create a new thread instead of posting it here. Thanks!

Some rules:
Your site must:

1. have a top level domain. In other words, no free hosting such as freewebs, geocities, etc. This is to maintain a reasonable degree of security. No exceptions.

2. relevant to neopets in some way

3. be free of anything that breaches the terms and conditions of either or (This includes, but not limited to hacks, illegal programs, links to hacks, etc)

4. not contain any content prohibited by law. This includes, but not limited to warez, offensive/racist content, etc. Use common sense please.

5. Your site must have a reasonable amount of traffic. In other words - no dead sites

6. You *may* be rejected if your site scrolls the affiliates or simply contains too many other affiliates.

Guidelines - You should provide the following
- a 88x31 banner to advertise your site (Credits to for this idea)
- Your site Name
- URL to your site
- Short Description

For NeoMallers buttons, please visit here: