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2024-07-09 Site Updates

Most of the code has been updated in preparation for the server migration. If you notice oddities in the counter or sales history tracker, please neomail dmitri_stanislaus or post on our new subreddit.

If you cannot access your neomallers account, simply neomail dmitri_stanislaus from your main neopets account. If you need a password reset (and the form isn't working because of a dead email, etc), please ask for a "magic word" reset to your NEOMALLERS account. Do not mention words like "passwords" as it may trigger their filters. If you cannot remember your neomallers username, we can still do a reverse search on the server.


Please read the following procedures as this will help reduce the number of questions sent directly to me.

Search Tips
You can also use the search bar to your left. For instance, if you're getting an error involving runtime 380, try searching runtime 380


Account Problems?
Many of the problems that users have are from using outdated versions of NeoMallers Portal. Please make sure you have updated to the latest version as it contains the known bug fixes.

If you are new to the NeoMallers Portal, you should read the tutorials contained on this site. This will answer most of your questions and is worthwhile reading. After all, think of the amount of time that you'll be saving :P

Frequently Asked Questions

After you have read the tutorials and familiarized yourself with the application, please check the Frequently Asked Questions page. Often times, the problem that you're having can be fixed with just a minor adjustion. Forums

Known Issues
Certain problems cannot be fixed at this time. To see the current list, please click here

The Forums
If none of the above resolve your question, please create a new thread on the help forums. That way, other people who may be having the same problems can read it. The forums is also where you can suggest new features, etc.

Please try to provide screenshots and as much details as possible (For example: browser, operating system, etc) You can upload screenshots via the "File Attachments" Feature.