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You: The tent is your ally. Trust in the tent

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Rank Username Today Yesterday Average Category
1danc3macabr3138274366 Training
3mahjongg0391410145 General Store
6dinorapter858135130 General Store
7happy_training_shop489794 GROOVY GROUP NEOMAIL ME IF U WANT 2 JOIN
9ya_mum_is_kool_21427161 General
10_mariokart_416773 Codestones, Dubloons, Faeries, Scratchc
11mmj1990395238 Bazaar
12habit_of_mine356957 Wearables and Fire Faerie
145tar336165 Food, Drinks, Neggs and Soup Faerie
15beautiful_grrl_182283833 Plushies,Toys,Usuki,Dark
17restlessreverie265550 Food and Drinks
18268071 Essentials
20baby_pavan252830 PBs, Morphing Potions, Neggs
23teatime77236248 Packrat
25twiztidkat_gallery225472 Wearables
26silviapera214639 General
27ona_lover10214141 Fortuitous Deals
28incogniti212734 Backgrounds and Foregrouds
29roamex215780 Food and Drinks
Allows you to specify your mall name. Show your mall members only.

Top Shops 4.2.1 (2021.07.08)

This page lists today's top-ranking shops, as reported by the NeoMallers counters service.
You are shown in red and your branch members are shown in green. while members from other branches are shown in blue
Cloaked mall members are printed in brackets.

Category Filter

Categories can now be auto filtered either from the search bar or by clicking a keyword from a person's category name.
For instance, clicking on PAINT will filter the topshops by that keyword.

Who's Shopping Stats - Help

The first number 29 depicts the number of users shopping in NeoMallers Shops. (-4) refers to the change of the current number of users shopping with respect to the amount at the start of the hour. The second number (35) is the highest #amount of users shopping at one time for the current hour. The 3rd number (53) is the highest amount of users shopping across the entire day.