Section 6 - Sales History

2022 Jul 21 NEOPETS PASSWORDS: This is a reminder that you should be using UNIQUE passwords for all of your accounts (including NeoMallers) - especially the important ones. Many browsers have built-in password managers to help you generate complex passwords and keep track of these. For more information, please visit JellyNeo's post.

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The sales history module allows you to calculate profit based on your current database and the data that you paste from neopets.


The User Interface

The sales history module allows you to calculate profit based on your current database and the data that you paste from neopets.


Submitting your data

Highlight only the items from neopets (shown in red). Do not include the column headers. (See below) and click "Process" You will be brought to a confirmation page where you can exclude items that you dont want included in the calculations for some reason.




Extra Features

The ignore non-mall items will automatically exclude items that DO NOT belong in your database. This is especially useful if you're selling other items and you don't want it to be included in calculations. We recommend that you keep this checked.

The Track Users will automatically write customer names in the database. This information is used to track returning customers and their individual spendings which can be accessed from the Customers Button.

NeoMallers also features hits and comments. Shop hits can be recorded using Boingdragon counters. Simply select a date and include the value shown in green. (In boingdragon) Also, make sure you set a URL key to your shop's address. If not, hits from the marketplace (when people load the marketplace but do not enter your shop) will be included and you probably do not want that.

Comments are up to you. If you were top of the hut, why not include that? Lag on neopets? Write it all down :P


Precautions & Notes

- We recommend you set your neopets language to English for best results.

Graph Function At the current time, the graph will only graph your overall sales.
Please note: In order for it to work, at least two days of sales are required. For a better overview, a minimum of 3 days is recommended.

Summaries By Profit - Outputs a summary of daily profit (Requires fully functional shop stock database)
Summaries By Sales - Outputs a summary of daily sales ALL - Outputs a overview of all sales inputted into the script
In-Depth Statistics
These options become available when at least 7 days of data is collected. The empty prediction rate is determined by analyzing the amount of items you sell on a daily basis as well as their values. This allows for a more precise output.