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Your Private Mall Forums

2022 Jul 21 NEOPETS PASSWORDS: This is a reminder that you should be using UNIQUE passwords for all of your accounts (including NeoMallers) - especially the important ones. Many browsers have built-in password managers to help you generate complex passwords and keep track of these. For more information, please visit JellyNeo's post.

You can now create your own forum for your mall using your existing neomallers account and without the need for a separate service. This is your own private space on the server to discuss mall issues or whatever you may please. It's also a chance to set up a relaxed atmosphere within your own malls. It has worked incredibly well with Xmart - it will probably be the same for everyone else. Admin/Management is as easy as a few clicks. Although these forums are unmoderated, the regular neomallers terms still apply so if there is anything weird, please report it and we can take a look at it.