NeoMallers Portal Tips & Tricks


NeoMallers Portal Tips
Here are some tips that might help you out


When pricing your shop
Make sure "Copy mall price to clipboard" is selected.
1. CTRL+C the item name from your shop browser window.
2. Alt TAB into the Portal
3. Click the search bar and Press CTRL+V to paste the name
4. Alt TAB back into your shop window, press [TAB] and CTRL+V

When Stocking Shop
- Double clicking in the filtered mode resets the in-stock amount of that value to the notify@ value

- Right click to skip (mark it as -1) or if you choose to stock only 1 of that item vs the @notify@ value's amount. That item is reset to 0 (thus becoming visible in the out of stock list again) when sold from the sales history.