NeoMallers Portal Tips & Tricks

2024-07-09 Site Updates

Most of the code has been updated in preparation for the server migration. If you notice oddities in the counter or sales history tracker, please neomail dmitri_stanislaus or post on our new subreddit.


NeoMallers Portal Tips
Here are some tips that might help you out


When pricing your shop
Make sure "Copy mall price to clipboard" is selected.
1. CTRL+C the item name from your shop browser window.
2. Alt TAB into the Portal
3. Click the search bar and Press CTRL+V to paste the name
4. Alt TAB back into your shop window, press [TAB] and CTRL+V

When Stocking Shop
- Double clicking in the filtered mode resets the in-stock amount of that value to the notify@ value

- Right click to skip (mark it as -1) or if you choose to stock only 1 of that item vs the @notify@ value's amount. That item is reset to 0 (thus becoming visible in the out of stock list again) when sold from the sales history.