Neopets Shop Counters: Summary

2024-06-08 Site and Server Migration

After almost 20 years, this site is getting a much-needed overhaul and a server migration. Please ensure that your email is up to date as you will need it to log in to the new system. If you're interested in beta-testing the new NeoMallers(and providing input/suggestions) or have questions, please neomail dmitri_stanislaus.
We're also discontinuing the following features to better facilitate the transfer of legacy code into the new system.
  • Private Messages
  • Mall Openings/ NB Ads Listings
  • Sales History Tracker Lite
  • Hut/Mall/NB Ad Data (for now)

Welcome to's newest feature - shop counters! These counters are primarily aimed at mallers, however anyone can still make use of them. Please note, as the name implies, these only work in user shops and only for that user. This means, it will not work in userlookups, petpages, etc. Also, other users won't be able to "steal" your counter either.

This is still in beta, which means, new features are constantly being added and bugs are being squashed so don't be alarmed if your stats go boom. :P

Summary of Key Features

Incoming Visits

Your hut :
Visits into your shop via your own marketplace hut (through your shop banners) This only works if you have implemented the &banner code to end of your links on your shop banner. (See your counter page for more details)

Mall Members
Visits into your shop from your mall. This will only work if your mall has implemented the &mall code to the end of your links on your mall banner.

Shop Wizard :
Visits into your shop via the shop wizard

Visits into your shop from your freebies petpages (or whatever other petpage you might have) The counter will use the &petpage code to identify such hits.

Noticeboard Ad
Visits into your shop from noticeboard ads. This will only work if you have implemented &nb to your links

This is for your personal use (a wild card). If you'd like to track hits from other sources (for instance, a banner on your lookup), add &misc to the end of your links there.

Anything that does not fit in the above category will go here. Also, if you do not implement certain features (for example, if you can not get your mall leader to add &mall to the end of your link, such hits will also be recorded under this category)

For the most part, hits in this category will be people directly linking to your shop, either from bookmarks or your userlookup... or if you post link to your shop from neoboards, etc




Details of Last Visitor

Nothing too special except it shows when your shop was last visited.