Section 5 - Item Database

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The Shop stock module is your central location to manage the items you stock. From here, you can check for out of stock items (requires updating of database via shop front with the first two checkboxes checked) The module also allows you to edit certain parts of a record such as wizard price, preferred mall price, etc

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The Menus System - Interface
The Portal Menu is your ultimate source for all the features. Although you can use the Portal without even touching any of these, we strongly recommend that you read through this to take full advantage of the features that are being offered.


The Menus - Tools/Analysis
This is your central location for all database queries and statistics.
  • Summary: Just a in-depth info of your database... For this to work in full, The NeoMallers Portal requires at least 7 days of statistics.
  • QuickCreate DB - This simply links you to the shop front. Nothing special. =)
  • Price List Download/Upload -  Connect to our server and upload your Wiz prices. This database is powered by the community. Remember: The Portal does NOT and will NEVER connect to in any way.
  • Bulk Stock Analysis: This is a feature that is currently being planned. You will soon be able to keep track of excess mall items that are in your Safety Deposit Box via the copy-paste system.
  • Rank Performance: Ranks your sales, profits, and quantity sold. Note: The profit calculator requires that you have a complete Item Database.
    Shop Link Generator: Based on Item IDs, this will create a direct link to the item in your shop. It's useful if you with to "feature" some items.


The Menus - Check for
Runs several checks and filters items.
  • Low Stock -  Looks for any items that are below the quantity threshold that you have specified in Configuration Settings
  • Out of Stock - Looks for any items that are out of stock (Based on the last shop front submitted)
  • Filter Wiz Priced Items - Lists items that are marked as "Wiz". If you state "Wiz" in the Comments Section, they will be marked as Shop Wiz Priced.
  • Errors -  Makes sure that your mall price is not lower than the wiz price.
  • Advanced Search System - In-Depth searching of your database.
The Menus - Admin
Advanced ToolsUSE WITH CAUTION!!!!!
  • Reset Warn Level - Resets the low-stock warning threshold to whatever is set as your default (Main Screen > Configuration Settings)
  • Empty Database - Deletes the entire shop stock database
  • Reset Item Count - Deletes only the #item sold count. All your other stuff(sales, prices, etc) remain intact
  • Reset Sales/Profits - Deletes all sales/profit information. (Does nothing at the moment - I still need to update it to work with the new database system)



This is where you keep track of every aspect of your item (as well as view them)

The Basics

To add an entry Follow these steps.

  • Simply click Manage My Item Database
  • Select the entry that you want Click Add
  • Enter your data Click Update

Tip: You can directly paste the item name into the search box and then click Add

To enter your Wiz Price after creating the entries, simply, pull them off our database (as instructed below) OR, edit them yourself

  • Simply click Manage My Item Database
  • Select the entry that you want Click Edit
  • Enter your data Click Update


The Components
  • Hot - This was originally a feature to rank top sellers. However, since there is a separate component to that, there is no real use to this. However, the changes are still saved (checked or unchecked) so you probably can come up with something ^^
  • #Sold - This value changes as you submit your sales history. Basically, the number of items sold.
  • In Stock - The number of that item in stock. (Retrieved from pasted Shop Front)
  • Warn Stock Level - An item will show up in the Check for - Low Stock category if the in-stock amount falls below this amount.
  • Generate - Generates a mall price based on the specified wiz price. This uses a multiplier factor that is set in Configuration Settings.


The Comments A.I.

The NeoMallers Portal can understand some of the comments that you input. As development continues, more vocabulary will be added. Please note: At this time, only one vocab at a time can be recognized by the Portal A.I. Here is the current list:

  • Wiz - typing this in the comments box will mark it as Shop Wizard Priced. The Check-for Feature can filter all items that are marked with this.

To add comments: Simply select an item, and choose Edit. Finally, just fill in the comments box and click Update. The possibilities of this feature is endless. Use it in any way you like =)


NeoMallers.Data.Center (NDC)

This online database can really be useful. For instance, if a size 90 shop is claiming to make 700k profit per day, you can create a temporarily profile, C+P their Shop Front, then connect to our database of prices, and roughly estimate their profit margin - The possibilities are limitless ;)

To upload your prices:

  • Click the Online DB

  • Select Guest and then click Connect


Remember to click LOGOUT. Only one person can make changes to the server at a time!


To Retrieve prices:

  • Click Online DB

  • Select Query DB

The Unpriced Only feature only loads prices for your blank entries. If you already have a price set for an entry, that entry will be ignored and the price (on the server) will NOT overwrite yours.


Disclaimer: The online database runs standalone. In other words, it does NOT connect to Neopet Servers in any way. This service is provided by the NeoMallers Community.


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Revision: 2008/01/18 NeoMallers Portal v5.8.1 ULTIMATE