In Depth Neopets Bank Interest Calculator

This thing will calculate how much interest you'll earn after a specified amount of time. The calculations are compounded daily. Which means, this assumes you collect your interest everyday and deposit no extra neopoints.

Choosing the INCREMENTAL option will initially select the highest possible account type and automatically upgrade that account type as you reach higher balances. TIPS: You may use commas in your digits. or shortcuts such as 800k or 1.3m Please use dots [.] for decimals and commas [,] for thousand separators. Yes, this is different from traditional calculators because neopets rounds interest up no matter what the decimal portion is. For instance, even with a balance of 1NP, you still get 1NP each day.

Neopoints in the bank:

Additional Daily Deposit (at end of day):

Account Type:

Some key facts to note
Additional deposits are made at the end of the day. Interest is calculated and deposited at the beginning of each day. For example in the case of a weekly calculation, deposits are made at the end of days 1 through 6. Your final interest is calculated based on the balance at the beginning of day 7 (which excludes the deposit that normally occurs at the end of day 7). This means daily deposits of 100k per day would result in 600k (of your contributions) at the end of this weekly period; not 700k.