System Requirements

2022 Jul 21 NEOPETS PASSWORDS: This is a reminder that you should be using UNIQUE passwords for all of your accounts (including NeoMallers) - especially the important ones. Many browsers have built-in password managers to help you generate complex passwords and keep track of these. For more information, please visit JellyNeo's post.

We recommend installing NeoMallers Portal on a fast drive (like a hard drive, instead of a usb thumb drive) for best performance.


Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)
Full Support.
Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit)
Full Support.
Mac OS
Marginal support with WineHQ (Windows Emulator)
Marginal Support with WineHQ (Windows Emulator)



Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox 1.5 to 3.x
Test to have full support.
Opera 9, Opera 10
Test to have full support.
K-Meleon 1.1
Test to have full support.