$The Affordable Bazaar is Recruiting!$

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$The Affordable Bazaar is Recruiting!$

We are a not-so-new but small mall, looking for you mallers who need a place to grow. So go ahead and take a look: http://www.neopets.com/~Hayley_Raelynn . Read our rules, updates, and our recruitment application! See our banner & application? Don't you want to join this opportunity?
Well just neomail me @ hkcharmer on neopets!

Openings are:

Toys & Medicine

Clothes & Grooming

Sweets and Bakery

Home & Garden

School & Book

Maps & Luck

1001 NP Deals


Petpets & Supplies

Air faerie

Earth Faerie

Fire Faerie

Light Faerie

Water Faerie