Habitarium overnight

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Habitarium overnight



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I was locked out not too long ago and sent in a ticket to TNT. They replied through email saying they cleared my Habitarium and I was probably locked out because I had too many gems on my screen.

They also said (and I quote) this happens when you leave Habitarium unattended for a long period of time which we consider cheating.

Just a warning for everyone o-o
I didn't know it was against the rules until I received that email.


just something to think about...

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I would send a complaint in.

From the NT Editorial, page 492

If you're locked out of the Habitarium due to the gem lockout, can you start over and play the Habitarium on your side? Please leave my name out if this makes it through. ~username removed

No, since you earn Neopoints from the Habitarium. While we appreciate it that you enjoy the Habitarium, site rules must still be abided by as we continue working to fix the glitch.

(the implication here is that this is in fact just a glitch, and does nothing to mention anything about long run times, etc. Also note, I searched the entire NT Editorial for the term Habitarium, and of the 14 questions mentioning it, none had to do with leaving it running).