Neopets Battledome Guides & Help

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Battledome Basics

» Battle Basics
Contains info regarding starting sets
» Battling Without Spending A Fortune
Welcome to Don's pet page. Here you'll find information about the battledome, weapons, and training.
» 2-Player Battledome Guide
To understand this battledome help, you must understand the concept of icons. If you know about them already, you can skip this part. There are different type of icons that an attack weapon can do, and a defense weapon ca...
» Garmfay's Battledome guide
Below listed are just a few of the thousands of choices available when getting ready to fight in the Battledome. Your budget and determination will be what will help you select your choices. This is intended as a Quick outline of where to begin for those new to Battling.


Weapons & more

» Battle Basics
These guidelines should give you a good start, but don't neglect to do your own research about weapons, icons, etc.
» Rabid_Schnauzer's Quick Weapons List
List of good weapons by budget
» Weapon Info and Tests
Some research data
quick reference guide only of the most commonly used weapons.


Battledome Challengers & Strategies

» Finding the secret Challengers
Find all the secret challengers + defenders of Neopia Guide
» Defenders of Neopia Guide 2
Step-by-step guide to beating Meuka, Commander Garoo, Meerca Henchmen, Giant Ghostkerchief, Snow Beast, Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby, and Mootix Warrior
» Challenger's Weapon List
Lists what your battledome challengers use.
» How to beat the Space Faerie
To get the Space Faerie in the Battledome as a challenger, you need to buy a real life product, with real life money. If you do not live in a country selling these products, try to ask politely on the boards, and...


Training your Neopet

» Guide to Faerie Quests
Has a Faerie popped up on your screen to say that she wants you to get her something? Do you wonder why? Do you want to know what will happen if you do the quest and give her the item? Are you frustrated because she won't let you use the Shop Wiz...
» The Extensive Lab Ray FAQ
People always seem to have a lot of questions about the lab ray, and since I have been using it for a long time now...
» Keep it Straightforwardly Simple Training
This is meant to be a helpful guide for people thinking of training a pet. It will show what to train and how to train efficiently. It is up to you where you want to train. Costs are approximate only.
» A Guide to Kitchen Quests
Welcome to a new guide on how to do Kitchen Quests! This is a pretty simple guide that is mainly for newer Battledomers that don't know that stat points are sometimes attainable from doing Kitchen Quests!