Is malling still worth it?

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Re: Hut Positioning

Since it's debatable how worth being MM itself is at ALL these days, since even MM shops need to price competitively to survive in the market, how does this reflect upon Hut Positioning? I'm curious in the same way that the 'cost per click' for NB ads was looked at briefly.

The top shops (by hits) appear to have an average of only a couple Hut Hits per day. Hits do not always translate into sales as it is. So, is there any point in jockeying for hut positions, possibly with a few notable exceptions?

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I think Malling is still worth it as thats all I do on pets is look after Pets Paradise Mall and restocking my shop.
I might play a few games once in a while but thats it.

I think I might need to get a life on pets and do other things as well Biggrin

I have 51 Pages of Wearable Items 4 Sale in my shop, you never know what Bargains you may find. I restock around 7 times a day.

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