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Changing categories

Well hello.

It's been more than few months since I've been here... More like years, but I've recently started playing again and I've been considering to start running a decent shop again.
Maybe not mall, yet, but I wanted a good categorized-shop.

I've a size 647 shop and I've sold toys for since whenever I can remember. I sort of knew what I was doing, but not all that much lol
I've been wanting another category, since, well, toys isn't big money.

I RS mainly with shop wiz, since I fail at real neo-shop RSing and got no premmy, I know, that's kind of lame, but I got my reasons.

I always had competitive pricing (I did read some of the other topics here before posting) trying for the first spots on the SW, on my name section, but I never got to make big bucks out of my shop...

Anyone have any ideas of a category that's better than toys? Since with toys I'm mostly limited to dark faerie, as the stuff is useles... Maybe books?

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Books was a fun category to rs. You get a steady stream of buyers and sometimes bulk buys, which are WONDERFUL by the way.
I've recently switched to bakery and sweets and a little in food (weeding that out) to experience something new and I'm liking it too so far as well.

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I agree, books is really fun! I am currently stocking books and I love it! I've had this category for a while, and it brings in good profits. There's a TON of books out there, so it's good for your large shop size. I get a lot of bulk buyers who read to their pets, and a lot that are regulars. Smile

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Books, Wearables, and Food/Bakery are all great categories if you're looking for more profit. Smile I heard Training and maps/scratchcards sell well but that is hear-say seeing as I never stocked any of those continuously for profit before.

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I also agree that books is a good category. Training and maps are great sellers as well. It is difficult to fill a large shop with training and maps though, unless you plan on stocking a lot of each item. I have also found that album items sell quite well. These items bring bulk buyers and returning customers too. Smile

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TML Faerie Crew has maps/neggs open. Neomail chakrabet if you're interested.

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Bakery & Sweets, Food, Books, Maps, Neggs, etc.. Are all good categories, but if you decide to look for a mall,

MAD! About Orange Mall has openings!

MAD! About Orange owner

Orange. It's actually quiet simple.

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collectables is also a good catagory. Smile You get bulk buys from many folks

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I have always done Training/Maps/Luck -- very easy and very profitable, starting off is a bit tough, but once you have a decent selection, you'll will find yourself selling out very quickly. Smile