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Well I feel very accomplished! I seemed to have fixed the issue this time. =)!!!!!

I was able to get to my shop stock list and I was going to just stock from the list with out updating any of the stats on them (I was afraid I would mess it up more!) I started at the bottom because I was tired of looking at the A's LOL! It just so happened that the last item on the list showed red in the little self check thing at the bottom of the portal and said it was corrupt... so I deleted it. I went through the entire list of items and found another one... I deleted it as well. There was also a blank line at the very top ... I deleted it as well. Then I closed the portal and rebooted (not sure if the reboot was needed but it was worth a shot) Then I tried to copy and paste my shop front one last time to see if that fixed the issue... I was able to get all the way through the "checking for out of stock items at that point as well. So far I have not ran in to any more issues! YAY!!!!

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This has happened to me as well and I did the same thing, fixing it through the list in notepad Blum 3