Back to NeoMallers - help please? :D

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Back to NeoMallers - help please? :D

Hey everyone! I use to use a program here to keep track of what I sold. It was particularly useful for keeping track of items <1k NP as the Neopets Sales History did not account for those items. I took several years off as hiatus and have been addicted to keeping a shop up again.

I went to download "Portal x2" for Sales History but I am not allowed and received this message: "ErrorYou must have a valid active profile before you can access this page. Please visit management."

What can I do to remedy this? How do I visit management? Thanks everyone!! Smile

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Hello, your profile management is found at Sales history and then x2 - manage profiles

You just need to select a default profile. I'll add it to the todo list so the system will auto select the newest one where no default profile exists.

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