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[quote]Dmitri you filtered jav ascript?[/quote] That is the first thing i filtered among other things for this site
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At first I thought you were talking about actually pricing things in your shop. The other day when I was looking for something and I couldn't think of the exact name, I thought it would be a good idea to be able to scroll through things in alphabetical order, shop stock or type. I doubt they will be doing that though Smile
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I would LOVE to be able to organize the stuff in my shop. If not on the sales floor, then at least when I am pricing. Alphabetical order would be great, IMO. I'm a big fan of the alphabetical list.
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What would help if they add an option to list items in reverse order by id. All the newer released stuff would be at the front. I would help those that have wearables and grooming. If I just saw pages and pages of blush and lipstick and crap, I'd leave before getting to the good stuff.
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I wish we were able to organize, it would make stocking a little easier. :3
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I don't care if they display the items by ID but I want the feature back to sort by price! When editing my shop stock, I want to be able to sort by price so all my "zero" items are at top so I can put in prices. They should make both sorts available on the edit stock page and on the displayed page. Let the visitors pick if they want items sorted by ID or by price and the same on the stock page for us shop owners!
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My first time through Neo I made a catalog of all my items and connected it to my shop. You looked up the picture and name of the item wanted, clicked on the picture and were taken right to that item in my shop. You could organize however you want if you do one of those. Wish I remembered how to code because I would love to do that again.